Top 5 Unique Items For Your Dog This Summer!

With the summer season now in full swing, holidays booked, journeys planned, BBQs arranged and all the essentials bought, you might be wondering what are the best items your dog needs to be prepared just as much as you are for the warm, sunny weather!

From knowing how to cool a dog down in hot weather, to keeping your dog cool outside and also cooling a dog down that may be overheating, summer certainly can pose a lot of issues for dog owners.

The market for dog products and unique items for dog owners is always changing and there are always new things out there which are unearthed and can really improve how your dog feels in summer.

So, without further ado, here are some amazing and unique products we have on offer to enhance your dog's summer experience and make sure they are safe, sound and that your mind is at ease even when you're not near them. We always want to give you the things your dog wants!

1. High Quality Stainless Steel Step-On Dog Water Fountain

In the higher temperatures that summer brings, your dog's water intake is going to increase a lot. How to combat this? Well, you can refill your dog's water bowl whenever they have emptied it. However, this can be a little tiring, to be constantly refilling your dog's bowl with fresh water. It also requires your constant presence at home.

For working owners, this is an even bigger issue. If you have to go to work, your dog may be waiting for fresh water and be thirsty until you arrive home, which can be dangerous especially in very hot weather. They could be going hours without fresh water, suffering in silence. The neighbors can't help them and they really need a fresh drink. You wouldn't want that for your precious pooch, would you? You want to know how you can keep your dog hydrated when at work.

Solve this urgent recurring hydration problem immediately by making a one-time investment in a push-pad water fountain that allows your dog to control their own hydration and water intake! It works with a step-on pad, which releases the water in short vertical bursts, fountain-style. The more force applied on the step-on pad by your dog's paw, the more water is released.

As you will see from the demo video, dogs love to have fun with it as they seem to quite enjoy the motion!

These fountains provide the perfect summer item for your garden to keep your dog hydrated and give them independence and control of their hydration needs. Simply connect it to any external tap and off you go. Outsource your dog's water needs today!

2. Sun Protection Visor For Dogs

When the sun is strong, as humans we like to - and have the privilege to - protect ourselves from the sun's harmful rays. Our necks and faces are vulnerable to the excess heat. So we cover them with sun hats, sun glasses etc. So if we look after ourselves with sun protection items, why should your dog(s) not have the same privileges too? They are sensitive to the sun too, it is just that they don't express in the same way as humans.

If you want to know how to keep your dog safe in the sun this summer, these dog visors (or dog caps) are exactly what you have been looking for. 

They wrap safely around your dog's head to provide adequate sun protection for your dog and have openings so their ears are not squashed inside. The glaring sun can cause all sorts of problems for your dogs vision and body temperature. Protect your dog in the sun with these awesome little caps, which have already been one of our best selling dog items this summer!

3. Waterproof Reflective Hiking Shoes For Dogs

Summer is the perfect time of year to go hiking. The weather is nicer, less rain, better visibility, the routes are easier to navigate and it is just generally more enjoyable. But what about your dogs? Do you love to go hiking with your dogs? Always wondered how to keep your dog's feet safe when hiking? 

Step forward (no pun intended!) these fantastic hiking shoes for dogs. Made from similar material to scuba gear, they are non-slip and give your dog the extra grip and protection they need when going on long walks outdoors.They have reflective strips for extra safety if your dog goes astray, providing you with extra peace of mind.

4. Dog Safety Life Jacket

One of the best things about summer is taking your dog to the beach and letting them roam around. And obviously, dogs love swimming! But how do you keep your dog safe at sea? How can you be sure your dog is safe in the water? Safe swimming for dogs is essential for them to fully enjoy their water experience.

Many people die every year out at sea, and dogs are just as vulnerable as humans to the rogue waves and rip currents which can drag people and dogs out to sea in no time and leave them in grave danger. You wouldn't want your dog to get caught out would you? It would be better for all concerned if your dog could swim safely.

These awesome life jackets for dogs give you peace of mind when your dog is paddling around in the sea, knowing they are fully safe and buoyant.

5. Fresh Air Universal Car Window Grill

Summer also calls for awesome road trips with your love ones and obviously, as a loved one, you want to take your dog with you! Dogs absolutely love the outdoors, but long journeys in hot cars can take its toll on them, especially if they run low on water and fresh air. The phrase 'dogs die in hot cars' exists for a reason.

Many dogs love the feel on fresh air blowing on their faces, but it is not always the safest option to have your dog with their head hanging out of an open window in a fast-moving car. But now there is a solution.

This car grill, which is a universal design, has the benefit of allowing fresh air into your vehicle but also offering the safety of not being a fully open window. If you've ever wondered how to keep your dog cool on a long car journey, this might just be the answer you've been looking for!

So there you have it! Let your dog experience the full joy of summer and having adequate protection from the elements with these awesome car grills!